But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto me in Jerulsalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8
Pearl River Baptist Association
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Kingdom Builders for Christ--The Local Church/Association Working Together

Property Policies

     1)    All facilities will be left clean and arranged as found unless otherwise agreed upon. This includes outside grounds   (NOTE:   No staffed housekeeping available).

      2)    Arrangements for facilities such as pick-up and return of keys are the responsibility of sponsoring church to be done during office hours. Arrangements for prior set-up needs will be done in agreement with other scheduled events.  Set-up will also be done during office hours. Office hours are from 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM, Monday- Thursday, and 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM on Friday.

      3)    Any damage to facilities is the responsibility of sponsoring church to repair in accordance with Associational approval. It will be kept professionally done in quality and appearance. (Revised 2004)  There will be assessment, minimum of $25.00 for defacing property such as writing on beds, walls or any of the facilities equipment.

      4)     More than one church and/or group may use facilities during the same time.

      5)     Facilities are available on a first request basis with Association scheduled events given first priority.  Second priority will be given to Pearl River Association churches on a first come basis. Third priority will  be given to organizations working with people groups inside our associational area. Fourth Priority will be given to outside churches only as can be successfully managed and reserved no more than three months in advance.

      6)    Churches and groups in this Association are requested to pay $6.00/per person/per night. (Revised 2019)  Each church should call ASAP if the event has been cancelled.  Association Churches: if facilities are not left clean, there will be a $100.00 deposit when renting the facilities.

Cost for Outside Associaton groups and churches for the Lee Conference Center is as follows:  1/2 day $50.00; 1 day $100.00 due and payable IN ADVANCE.  Reservation confirmed upon receipt. TO CAMP: (primitive) on our property, there will be a $40 deposit (refundable if the property is clean), a $30 charge to use the Lee Conference Center for bathrooms and ice ($80 total) IN ADVANCE and $4.00 per camper per night - due an payable before leaving the premises. RV/CAMPERS (water & electricity only); $7 per night. Two places have 50 amps, and the rest have 30 amps. DEPOSITS DUE TWO (2) WEEK IN ADVANCE! (Revises 2021)

Outside Churches and Groups are required to pay $100.00 damage/cleanup deposit at time of reservation of each Lodge. Deposit will be refunded if no damage or cleanup is required. Outside Churches and Groups using lodges will be charged $15.00 per person for lodging per night. (Revised 2019) Due & payable before leaving the premises.

       7)     Use of facilities by denominations and their entities are encouraged as can be scheduled.

      8)     Use of lake and other recreational facilities are included with Churches and Associational events. No Swimming ALLOWED.

      9)     No private business and/or family activities such as weddings, reunions or showers, etc. will be scheduled except for church staff families               who use facilities for a brief retreat.

    10)     Campsites are available to ministry groups. Campfires are permitted on the Southside of the back lake.

    11)     Do not remove any associational equipment items from facilities. Do not remove any furniture or supplies from one building to another without               permission.   

     12)     For overnight events, the gate is to be locked no later than 10 p.m. and unlocked after 6 a.m.

     13)    Churches are responsible for their own coffee, drinks, paper products (except toilet tissue), garbage bags, bed linens, bath soap, etc.  An ice               machine is located in the Lee Conference Center for Lodge use.

     14)     Only adults should operate sound equipment, air and heat controls, and kitchen appliances    

     15)      No running, playing ball, horse-playing, etc. is permitted inside any of the buildings.

     16)      No food or beverages are allowed in the bedrooms of lodges. DO NOT MOVE MATTRESSES! If moved or damaged, there will be a $100.00 fee.

     17)      Do NOT move swings. (The swings are not moveable, please do not move.  

     18)      Absolutely  no alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on the entire property.  ***This is a TOBACCO FREE CAMP.***

     19)      No chewing gum allowed on premises or in buildings.  No aniamls on the Association grounds or in buildings.

      20)    All garbage should be removed from buildings! Garbage must be placed in the green garbage container in front of the office building. Bags                Only!  (The Association does not furnish Garbage Bags.)

     21)       Telephone in the Lee Conference Center is for emergency calls only. 

     22)       Automobiles are for going and coming, but not to be used on grounds. Parking areas are to be observed. 

     23)       Parents are responsible for the dress/appearance of their youth. Modest shorts are appropriate. Shorts which extend as long as the arm and                  hand of the person wearing them may be worn to worship. Male campers are asked not to wear hats to worship. Immodest clothes, distasteful                  design or messages, or shirts advertising improper products are not acceptable.


                1. Alcohol, tobacco, nonprescription drugs, firearms,
                    or any kind of weapon.
                2. Radios, CD players, TVs, or tape players. The absence
                    of these items will enable you to focus more on God.
                3. Water balloons, water guns, etc.

     25)      Absolutely NO water games should be done inside any of the buildings! NO dances allowed. (Revised 2021)

     26)      Absolutely no youth or children will be allowed on property without sponsoring adult.

     27)       The church’s insurance in case of injury is primary for church sponsored events.

     28)       Other organizations and/or groups must have verification of primary insurance coverage.

     29)       Any church and/or group not following policies as stated will be refused usage of facilities in the future unless individual requests are approved                 by the Association Executive Board.

     30)       This document of policies must be signed by either Associational Missions Director or Ministry Assistant and person responsible and accountable                  for church or groups.


      Signed: ___________________________________ 
                    Carl Myers, Association Missions Director
                    Linda Fay Seal, Ministry Assistant
                    Linda Alexander, Financial Ministry Assistant
                   Church/Group Representative